Nyame O. Brown 

Nyame O. Brown is an Assistant Professor at Saint Mary’s College of California, where he teaches Painting and Drawing. His previous experience includes more than a decade of instructing at Notre Dame University, Illinois State University, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Brown holds two degrees, a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA from Yale. Upon completing his master’s Brown returned to Chicago and worked with non–for–profit organizations, such as Anchor Graphics, specializing in community outreach programs such as taking printmaking into schools that did not have art classes. Brown also worked with Gallery 37 a program sponsored by the City of Chicago, which works with public school kids during the summer, promoting a mentorship between artist instructor and apprentice.  Recently Brown has enjoyed the honor of working as a juror for the Indiana National Scholastic Art Competition, as well as privileged to be the Keynote speaker. Passionate about not only bettering himself as a teacher and scholar, Brown is committed to nurturing the maturing artist, giving inspiration and guidance to tap into young artist’s potential.  Most recently Brown worked with the South Bend Regional Museum on a Mural Project, which allowed students from local High Schools and the Boys and Girls Club to participate in painting the mural. A decorated artist, Brown has received numerous awards and grants including the Richard Driehaus Foundation Individual Artist Award (2002) and The Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Award (2003).

Lisa Carroll
Lisa Carroll Lisa Carroll

Lisa Carroll is an artist and educator living in Oakland CA since 1991. She studied painting and drawing at Boston College and received an MFA in New Genre from Stanford in 1998. Her work is primarily paper-based, utilizing all sources from book pages to tracing paper to paper clay, ranging from intimate collages to larger scaled experiential installations.  Behind the work is an investigative presence and an urge for beauty. The “Western Sector” series is the culmination of years of integrating her fascination of lichen as experienced while trail-running.  Currently she is studying the esoteric arts of astrology and tarot, linking meditation and depth psychology, the outcome of which is a series of collages called “Automatic Collage”. The ArtComplex installation is an extension of this process of inquiry into the unconscious. 

Modesto Covarrubias

Reflecting his interest in architecture, Modesto Covarrubias’s work is an investigation into thephysical, psychological, and emotional connection to environments. He works in a broad range of media including photography, installation, printmaking, sculpture, and performance. A Bay Area native who lives in Berkeley and maintains a studio in Oakland, Covarrubias studied architecture at UC Berkeley, received a BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and in 2009 earned his MFA in Studio Art from Mills College in Oakland, California. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions at such venues as the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Galleria Civica in Modena, Italy, the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, Marin MOCA, the Poor Farm in Little Wolf, Wisconsin, and the Oakland International Airport. His work has been featured at the Oakland Museum's Gallery 555 and at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

Amy M. Ho
Amy Ho Amy Ho
Amy M. Ho builds video and spatial installations that bring attention to our existence as both physical and psychological beings.  She received her undergraduate degree in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College.  Amy was selected for the ProArts Gallery 2x2 Solos series in 2012, and is a recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artists Grant for 2013.  Amy will be doing residencies at Kala Art Institute and Studio Kura in 2014.  She currently works and lives in the Bay Area and is represented by Chandra Cerrito Contemporary.

Amanda Klimek
Amanda Klimek Amanda Klimek  

Amanda Klimek is a visual artist and art educator whose work meditates on issues of identity in the digital age and the connections/disconnections between human and electronic bodies.  She combines translucent porcelain, imprinted with the human body, and electronics to create sculptures and installations that evoke ideas of the electronic/human hybrid and questions the placement of the psyche within the device. Her work has been exhibited around the Bay Area including at Root Division, the Richmond Art Center and the Bedford Gallery. She was an MFA representative at the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramics Arts in 2011, and participated in the MFA exhibition for San Francisco Art Institute in 2012. Amanda holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She is currently a teaching artist with SF Arts Education Project in San Francisco and Program Coordinator at the Berkeley Art Center.

Chelsea Pegram


Chelsea Pegram uses sculpture, installation and printed media to explore the subject of transformation as it reflects shifting notions of agency, intention, and embodiment. Her work has been exhibited around the Bay Area including the di Rosa Gatehouse Gallery, Sonoma State University Art Gallery, Swarm Gallery, and Pro Arts. She graduated from Mills College with an MFA in Studio Art in 2011. Chelsea lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Matthew Scheatzle
Matt Scheatzle Matt Scheatzle

I am particularly attracted to processes that straddle the line between representation and object.  The veins of my 3D and 2D projects chronicle adventures mental and physical, one by way of form and the other by image. I believe my job is to transform materials into something ineffable.  Matthew Scheatzle lives and works in the Bay Area. 

Karen Seneferu

Karen Seneferu is a self-taught artist born and raised in Oakland, California. She received a BA in English from University of California, Berkeley. Interested in how individuals can be a part of mainstream society and maintain cultural integrity, Seneferu created a program at Berkeley City College that removes fear and anxiety for Foundational Students called Take Flight. The program incorporates art, technology, reading, writing and gallery visits. At the center of the program is the idea that students comes into the classroom with skill sets that need to be built upon to establish narratives as art and art as narrative. Senferu's artwork is a cross section of her teaching, where every space has the potential for creative output, education, and healing. Thus, she believes every space has hidden meaning; what enters into that space can be dictated by that meaning, or can transform the meaning of that space. In processing and taking over space as an element of her work, Seneferu innovated a new form called Technokisi. Technokisi attempts to dialogue and alter the ancient sculptural form of the Nkisi. Coming out of the Kongo Basin, dating back as early as the 16th century, the Nkisi was designed as a container, covered by a mirror on various parts of the body of the sculpture. This mirrored container activates power for the receiver’s daily life. Placing technology at the center of Technokisi becomes of a way of turning the Nkisis inside out and reflecting the mirror back on those who view the video as well as the containment itself. For Karen, what appear to be two opposing forms - the ancient and technology merge to create a futuristic impulse, grounded in a historical vehicle that navigates multiple discourses and geo-political landscapes that maintains an intention of the Nkisi and Technokisi, which is healing and empowerment...!


Malik Seneferu

Malik Seneferu is an American conceptual artist/painter whose work explores race, identity, politics, spirituality and adolecents. He engages in Magical realism with other works from the visual arts, literature, and history, as well as his own life.  Memories of my childhood play a tremendous role in my approach to creating art today. In my early years my mother a single parent lived in fear for my health due to the environmental hazards of San Francisco’s Hunters Point district. I suffered with asthma. Therefore, my innate interest to drawing and painting became that of a marriage over sports modeling my pursuit for constant spiritual mental and physical elevation. Having siblings among others as viewers of my work challenged me to go beyond my limitations. I remember my late grandmother a Barber and tailor sewing for hours at her machine after coming home from work. I would sit at her feet and draw on a paper bag with a pen, marker, crayon or a number two pencil.

Brett Snyder
Brett Snyder Brett Snyder

Brett Snyder, AIA is a principal of Cheng+Snyder an experimental architecture studio based in Oakland, California and an Assistant Professor of Design at the University of California, Davis. Snyder works at and researches the intersection of architecture, media, and graphics with a particular interest in urban spaces. Snyder’s award winning work has been exhibited widely including the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale and SXSW. Snyder is a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts award and a Van Alen New York Prize Fellowship.

Tiulescu & Neyman

Monica Tiulescu
Monica's projects, center on experimental research practice for competitions, exhibitions and publications. The work utilizes systems theory methodology and concepts derived from observations that demonstrate biological growth. Projects are based on the invention of growth of a new type of architectonic species that generates a composite structural and spatial form. These speculative forms may be applied at the scale of the body or as micro-urban projects. At all scales the work exhibits hyper-articulation of the form and surface, which, is generated, based on evolutionary strategies of aggregation that present themselves opportunistically. Density, performance and hybridization are critical in the growth of the system. This incorporates organizational and behavioral analysis, testing scenarios of operation through variable patterns. The work is developed through computational models.  The objective is the production of new form and organizational methods through generative techniques and morphogenetic strategies. The goal is to invent opportunistic tectonic formation, co-citational spatial navigation, and a synthesis between form and hyper-function. Monica has a collaborative research practice with Alex Neyman (AGGLAB). Monica has a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture Design from Columbia University. She is a full-time faculty and Graduate Design Studio Coordinator at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Alexandra Neyman
Alex’s academic interests and experimental research aim to harvest and grow morphological spatial logics out of multiple discourses such as biology, chemistry, medicine, philosophy, and so on. Through operative research and behavioral simulations, this work aims to invent generative spatial organizations that have an influence on physiologies of form, its’ evolution and complex behaviors. The work develops a series of generative rule based methodologies, based on advanced tectonic systems with distinct biases towards varied aggregation, unusual couplings, extreme hybrid systems and spatial anomalies. Alex’s most current research is based around the notion of generative species, which promotes a growth of responsive ecologies that are able to mutate and evolve through conditions of performance rather than meaning. In turn, meaning is grown and architectural complexity is derived through these processes. The work keeps with the spirit of critical generative matters, operative parametric design logics and experimental urges. Alex has a collaborative research practice with Monica Tiulescu (AGGLAB). Alex holds both a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan. She has been teaching experimental studios, as well as urban theory and urban mapping seminars at both graduate and undergraduate levels at Academy of Art University.

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